Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sewing Studio in Progress!!


The boyface and I are moving into our new apartment within a week! I'm so excited. Not only do I have a gloriously large and open kitchen which is so sunny and bright (and full of decorating possibilities!) but I also get the 2nd bedroom to myself for my Sewing Studio! I've already got a majority of the set-up planned, and finally found some new things to really complete the look I'm going for. Check these out! (and don't mind the horrible cell phone shots.. I was too excited to grab the real camera!)

This is an antique bar. The top opens completely and the little front part folds down so there is plenty of sewing space. I'm pondering putting one of my machines here. And just check out the bottle spots where I can keep mason jars of notions and supplies. Plus, there are built in shelves just to the left where I can store other bits and bobs and my fabric, of course!

And then there's this beauty. I don't know too much about her yet, but she's seems tough and she still works!

Aside from setting up shop, I've also been on the hunt for some new inspiring fabrics and found some while thrift shopping, and some great ones online. I've also been working on some promo stuff. I've been thinking of setting up a Facebook page for Sew Serious Designs and offering the first so many (read: can't yet decide) fans the option of receiving a little free promo-pack in the mail. This is just in the thought stages... any feedback would be much appreciated.

Well friends, I'm off to relax and and maybe do some dishes..

Peace & Love,
Rachel Rae

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