Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time for a contest!

Indeed! I need a little fun right now!

My house guest situation went from okay to horrible. Let me explain...

The Mister had run into an old friend when we returned home on a visit almost a year ago. With the economy doing so horrible back home, The Mister offered to help his friend in the future with a place to stay until he could find a job and get on his feet here in Colorado. A few online conversations took place and then *bam*, friend had a plane ticket.

So, we prepared and discussed the situation. He wouldn’t be the first person from home that we had helped, and with our other friend doing so well with a fantastic job, his own place and his family here to join him, we gav
e it a go. Unfortunately, personalities and people change, and there was a little unspoken uneasiness at first go. The Mister and I chatted again and decided to push on and try to make things work.

Our guest lasted one week. I can’t really begin to describe how awful it was near the end. Let me say that I sat in my own home and listened to our guest on my phone, say not so nice things about The Mister and I on several occasions, and while I was in the room. Seriously! I tolerated it the first time, but could no longer when it continued.

Not only am I quite frightened by confrontation, but I was also home alone with a man I did not know. He actually weirded me out quite a bit. (His wife informed me I should have been scared because he could have hurt me, and she wished he would have... goodness..) The Mister was away at work and had friends checking on me regularly. Finally, we decided it just couldn’t go on any longer. Our desire to help to house, feed, transport and in The Mister’s cas
e, recommend someone who was basically talking trash about us in our own home was completely gone.

He was asked to leave. He refused and threatened to call the police stating he had the right to stay in our home as long as he wished until we had him evicted. The first friend we helped came over to make sure things went smoothly. We offered and did pay for his ticket home. I apologized over and over for the situation, tried to be kind and even packed a bag of snacks and beverages for his trip. He continued to argue and then finally gave up. He was given his ticket money and dropped off to go home.

The situation was unfortunate as a whole, but I feel horrible for The Mister as he learned many things about an old friend that he did not know before, things that had happened in the past that our guest had bragged about doing to him. We do know that he and his wife bragged about knowing how to break into our house and hoping that they see pain come upon us in the future. Nice, huh?

It’s been a rough few days, but I’m happy to have my home back, the kittens are no longer hiding under the bed (they did not like our guest...) and with all my windows and doors locked, I’m feeling
okay. lol.. I’m a worrier. :) I’ve had a lot of offers from local friends to help out in anyway needed and it’s great to know we have real friends who care.


So, I need to be cheered up a bit and think it’s a great time for a new Blog Contest! Just post a comment to help cheer me up and sometime on Monday I’ll have a friend pick a number for a random winner.

The prize is this cute new zipper pouch made from adorable Japanese imported fabric. Vintage buttons and a bit of ric-rac make this pouch even cuter, huh? Just look at the cute little happy clouds!

So please, comment away my friends! I hope your weekend was a pleasant one!



kittenskorner said...

Sorry you had such a horrible experience! good thing it's all over. hey, I'm originally from CO! ;) I would LOVE to win your contest! Yay contest! ;)

Kayce said...

How aweful! I'm glad you made it through the situation safely! Makes me sick to think there are people out there than can take advantage of such kindness.

Corwink said...

I feel your pain! We just got rid of a house guest who took advantage of us. Said he was only going to be here 3 weeks. After a week of being here he quit his job and became a slug. I think you should take a day to pamper yourself and have a nice big glass of wine. You deserve it!!

missknits said...

awww so sorry to hear about this! but at least you dont have to deal with it anymore and only better things to come! I just have to saw your shop is adorable! i just love this bag ! too cute! and what a great contest that little pouch is so cute!

Sister Soul said...

i'm only on my first sip of coffee, so this might be rough, but...i'm here to empathize as well. where do people get off??? to me that's just 'amazing' behavior. like a (thriller) novel or movie. just simply amazing that someone could take a couples generous-hospitality, and turn it into a nightmare. that's just so WRONG! (and i don't use that word lightly).

it worries me sometimes in the way kids are being raised nowadays, where there's very few boundaries, and the idea of scolding or reprimanding children is taboo.they grow up not being able to accept the word "no", and with very little awareness about responsibility, grace, etc. i know parent try to go easy on their kids (when they're little) relate to them, but in the long run...the real world translates into nothing more then one trauma after another. i hope that's not the case, but it 'feels' like it. that even when people around them are trying to help, it's seen as something else. i'm really sorry about that happening to you guys!

anyway...i just dropped in here, bcuz i saw your alchemy request, and i was looking for an overall energy to you...for a banner.

nice blog, and your work is quality and sweetness sewn together. :) i will add you to my blog-roll at

Aynex Mercado said...

That sounds awful! As my friend always says "People suck!" but now you are free! Love the bag.

Kate said...

I'm going through the same thing right now so I can totally see where you're coming from. We offered our house to my brother-in-law months ago when he fell on hard times. He's been here close to a year now and not a day goes by when I don't want to kill him. People can be so immature and annoying and it makes you wonder why you do nice things for others when it just comes right back and slaps you in the face. I don't know about you, but I'll continue to do nice things for people, despite the usual outcome. My doors are open to friends/family when they're in need, and judging from your personality, yours probably would too. Cheer up! You did the right thing!

Katie said...

Hi Rachel!
I stumbled upon your blog somehow and I've enjoyed reading it. I think that's such a horrible situation to be in! I'm so glad you were able to boot this guy out and hopefully he'll stay out of your lives! Good luck in the future :-)

Taleri said...

Oh My Goodness. Guests should NOT behave like that. Its probably that attitude that got him to the position he was in before your Hubby helped him out. I'm glad you're ok.

N Valentine Studio said...

First of all great idea! What a fun, creative way to blog! That in itself should cheer you up! Sorry you had such and asshat in your home, that's really not cool.

We've had house guests from hell more than once. We've had people call at midnight to announce they are coming for a visit (who visits at midnights!?), we've had people arrive with a horse trailer full or horses expecting lodging and feed for the horses, we've had people eat literally everything in the fridge I could go on!

Weed those wankers out! I can make up amazing excuses! Here's a few,

1. Sorry we are in the middle of renos. Then quickly go throw some wood around and grab a ladder!

2. Our septic isn't working, then dump some coffee in the toilet, close the lid and put the plunger ontop.

3. We already have guests, then ask your friends to come over and fake it.

4. Just say NO, plain simple NO. With a smile of course!

Hope your week gets better, enjoy having your home back.

Tiffany said...

That's awful! I hope this contest and all these comments help cheer you up!!

p.s That fabric is SO CUTE!!!

Amber said...

Oh no - that is a horrible experience and I'm sorry that it happened to you. You did something nice for somebody out of the kindness of your heart and to have to cause you such grief is very unfortunate. I hope that the issue is over and done with once and for all.

On a lighter note, thank you so much for this excellent contest! I am so excited and the clutch is so cute =) Please enter me to win!

sbonetsue said...

What an awful experience, you should be so proud of yourself for getting through it with such grace. I think I would have lost it long before I could buy the man a ticket. I love your blog and the bag is just the cutest. Thanks for the chance.

speedouga said...

Hey! I can see why he was nasty... a freeloader is more like that guy!
But I practice this mantra.. Positive Mental Attitude and hey it could be a lot worse--rape/murder/assault--who knows?? so I agree with corwink--take a day off and pamper yourself and be thankful for your common sense and having a great brain! :-)

Voleurdebijoux said...

Hi GF!!

So sorry to hear about your bad experience. I know life has it's ups and downs....BUT don't worry, karma will bite them back in the butt!!

You just let it all go and look forward. Life's lessons can be a pain...but it will make you stronger and wiser. There is one thing that I have learned in life...and that is "boundaries".

You are such a sweet soul and truly wonderful person!! Don't let it get to you. Take care and I'll talk to you later. : )

Much love!!

Audrey Angrisani said...

So Sorry to hear about the house guest from hell!, and happy that you are safe, people are so totally unpredictable...and I agree with Tran, Karma, Karma, Karma. I'm a huge fan of your beautiful work....Mootsie

Distressing Delilah said...

wow,..that is all so horrible..I am glad you guest is gone! Take care!

audzipan said...

happy st. patrick's day! sorry about the awful houseguest. . . some people are crazy.

zanygrey said...

Sorry to hear about the lousy house guest. Some people just aren't worth it. Don't feel guilty, you did the right thing; you offered, the guest took advantage.

Go out and enjoy yourself, forget about it.

Heather Alexandercycorpun said...

I am a huge fan of your work and really want one of your pouches so much and would use it everyday. How does that sound for begging.

On the flip side, I am sorry about that crazy dude and hope he leaves you alone....I hope you filed a complaint or restraining order or something that is at least on record at your local PD.

Hang in there. You are a very talented gal.


Beadbug00 said...

Oh no! What a story! This guy does sound like a 'case'. How great of you to welcome him into your home to help him out, sorry he was a weirdo... Hopefully the easter bunny will leave you something EXTRA special!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's aweful, I'm sorry that happened to you guys!! Sometimes when we try and help ppl out, it happens, it happened to me before, I totally feel your pain! It's very unfortunate that some ppl do that to folks that are willing to help them out. I hope you take a day for yourself and do something you enjoy, don't let that get to you ;)



Miss Divanistic said...

OMG are you serious?? I had a similar experience but they didn't seriously threaten us!!! Anyway, good luck & keep on keepin on!

Do said...

Hi Rachel, I hope you won't sleep bad after this. Horrible. The zipper pouch is terribly cute! I hope you'll cheer up after this :)
I think animals can feel really well what is going on. Very typical..

Just Plain 'Jane' said...

I too am soooo glad that this is over for you!!!!