Wednesday, February 27, 2008

7 Random Things...

So I've been tagged by the lovely Kate to spill 7 random things about myself. Enjoy!

My randomness:

1. I eat like a little kid. Really. Macaroni and cheese, fruit roll-ups, granola bars, trix yogurt cups (yum!), string cheese, cheerios, little graham cracker snacks, fruit snacks, spaghetti-os, pb &j's...... I love them all! When I crave snacks, this is usually what I want. The Mister teases me all the time that I eat like a little girl. By the way, I dip my pb&j into my spaghetti-os! mmmmmmmm. :)

2. I am a total klutz. So accident prone, it's ridiculous. If anyone is going to slip on a dryer sheet and shatter a knee cap, it's going to be me. I have so many bangs and bruises from a lifetime of tripping over my own feet. But it's not like I'm snowboarding and wiped out, or sky diving and landed wrong... it's more like I tripped over my own feet and sprung my angle, or stepped off a stair funny and fractured my knee. I do have to boast that I'm doing much better as I age. Nothing serious in a while. *knock on wood*

Thunderstorms make me very happy. The bigger, louder, scarier the better. As a child, I used to sit in my Mom's room during a thunderstorm, turn all the lights out and watch the lightning shoot down from the sky. I always counted the seconds until the thunder, and would always get excited as the storm drew closer. I was in Florida several years ago when all of the hurricane's hit and it was very exciting. Don't get me wrong, I'm not thrilled with the loss and suffering of others in anyway. I hate to see the effect it has on other's lives. Natural Disasters, as an act of mother nature, always amaze me.

4. I want to live in Europe. I took a trip a few years ago where I spent three weeks frolicking around France, England, Italy, Monte Carlo, and a touch of Germany, and it was fantastic. The people that I met were amazing and many of them, I will never forget. I envy the education that their children receive and how laid back society seems to be as a whole. When the Mister and I decide to have children, I'd like them to be multi-lingual and see the world, much more than I ever did. Luckily, due to The Mister's work, this is not an impossible future.

5. I'm a sensitive ninny. A few examples; The very first time that we drove through the Flaming Gorge National Park in Utah, I cried. It was so pretty and appeared so untouched, it was all so overwhelming. Also, please do not explain to me how to cook a lobster. I will cry. I'm all for people eating meat if they so choose, I do, but I do not want to hear the details. Please do not tell me a story where someone is hurt in an awful way, I will cry. Please no icky scary or torture movies, they make me cry.

My outlook on life is this (and has been dubbed the "Pretty Curtain's Practice" by the Mister and I), I understand and know about the suffering of others in this world. I do what I can to help them and do my best not to support or promote the continued abuse of others in horrible situations, but if I'm not careful, those sad thoughts and torturing images wil
l take over my life and turn me into a sobbing ball of sadness. At that point, I'd be useless to everyone. So, once I'm informed, please don't ruffle my pretty curtains. ;)

6. The Mister and I have lived together basically since day one. We met under interesting circumstances, and had so much in common it was a little weird. He wasn't my usual "type (whatever that means), but we got along really well and he intrigued me. So, dating just kind of happened and at the same time, he moved in. We've lived in 3 different states, been on miracle and life changing trips, experienced three hurricanes, lived in our car, drank amazing and rare wine, met people we never really imagined, snuck into movies, been sick and deathly sick, lost all hope, had more hope than ever, failed and succeeded beyond our dreams, camped on a mountain, made and lost lifetime friends, and so much more. It's only 5 years later, and things are still well between the Mister and Mrs. :)

7. I love Fred Astaire.

So, there they are, my seven random things. I'm tagging The Solitary Thread, Joyful Abode, and The Cricket's Song.

In sewing news, I've been working hard on my order for Kate at the Paper Sparrow. I should have everything packed up and ready to go next week. Woot! Also, I have a really cute new "Anchors Away!" purse in the Etsy Shop.

Have a happy Wednesday!


Kate said...

What a fantastic list. I'm really enjoying these more than I expected to and I defintely made the right choices when choosing who to tag.

Amber said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing so much about yourself with us. The purse is looking very cute =)

I have a fascination with Europe myself, and I think it's so important that young people grow up realizing what a global community we live in today.

mushroommeadows said...

He moved in DAY 1? Wow! :) Very cute facts, by the way. :)