Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Fabrics and pouches...

My fabric came today!! I'm excited, can you tell? I've already been busy creating some new Zipper Pouches with my tasty new fibers. Stepping aside from the usual pouches, I'm now offering the box pouches, with handy dandy handles. I'd love to hear which image shot you like the best. I'm experimenting with different angles.

All available in my Etsy shop, of course. :)

On my way home from the post office today, I stopped into Fancy Tiger to pick up some more alpaca yarn for the crocheted hat that I'll soon be posting a pattern for. It's a delicious coral pink, but you'll have to wait a few days to see. I promise, it's quite yummy! While chatting, I was told that they run a Craft fair two times a year in the Denver area and are hoping to do one this summer. Something for me to look forward to!

I just want to say thanks for all the comments and emails about my new hair cut! I really appreciate it, as I'm still a bit nervous about how it looks. Not to mention, the Mister has yet to see it in person yet. Yikes! Wish me luck!

I'll have more mail to update you all with soon. I'm expecting a few more goodies to arrive within the next few days. I basically live for mail love.



Kate said...

I think I like the first photo best. I wish I could figure out the whole zipper thing. I've tried so many times and just can't do it. So wrong.

Anonymous said...

I loooove getting mail too! Definitely keep us updated, and your pictures are great!

mushroommeadows said...

Totally cute!!! I love those pouches. :)

By the way, I bet the Mr. adore don't worry at all! :)

Do said...

I think the first picture is the best. It shows the pouch the best.
The fabrics are sweet!