Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wintery Adventures

Wow... My last four days have been slightly insane. Where do I start? Well, the Mister had a small business road trip planned running some supplies for his work and decided to take me along with him. We were going to go from Colorado to Evanston, WY and then down through Utah into Western Colorado again. Sounds easy enough... just a one and a half day trip.

Well, it turned into a four day adventure!

The weather was not working for us, and day one, we had to take an alternate route due to a closed highway. Winding through the beautiful Rocky Mountains is always a sight, but not always stress free when the snow is really coming down. After about ten hours of poor driving, we stopped in Steamboat Springs for the night.

The next morning, we continued through North West Colorado and into Utah, heading for Wyoming. The drive through the Flaming Gorge is always one of my favorites. This national park is simply breathtaking. The colors remain vibrant year round, and we were lucky that the roads were perfect! Check out this view!

We finally made it into Wyoming and as we crossed the border, the weather worsened. The wind continued to pick up and soon there was no visibility. We spent 5 hours at a standstill on the highway (no fun when you have to pee!) before the highway patrol rerouted traffic off the roads and into the small town of Ft. Bridger, Wy. There were literally hundreds of people stranded. The highway remained closed for about 24 hours and we spent the night in the truck.

The next day, we scrambled to find a restaurant that didn't have a super long wait for breakfast and then we were off to test other route options. They all failed. The weather continued to stay awful, but finally the highway opened up and we moved 50 miles west up the highway and managed to find a hotel with a vacancy. Woot. A bed, a bathroom, a sink... and space to move!

After plenty of rest and relaxation, our trip continued perfectly the next day. The Uinta Mountains in Utah provided plenty of sight seeing and I even managed to crochet a few hats. (One in alpaca..yum). We made it home late the next night and the kitties were very thrilled that we had come home.

One of the neat things about this trip was that I finally got to see where the Mister works. Nestled in the western Rocky Mountains, he is so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty. And, check out what his friend Lanny made for me! This fantastic (and amazing!) hand carved wooden chain.

See the basket on the end? There's a ball inside of it and freely moves around. I am just in awe of this piece. It's proudly awaiting a place in the studio where I can stare at it, often. Thanks Lanny!

Well friends, I'm still in need of some rest. I'm off.

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argylewhale said...

that chain is outstanding!