Thursday, February 14, 2008

Birds and Bunnies

So, my yearning for spring was hit last night with several inches of snow. Not tons, but the temperature dropped and my sunshine disapeared. But, I did manage to get several things done.

Last year, I really wanted to make an Easter bunny, but never got around to it, so I decided to give it a try fairly early this year. Let me introduce you to Penny. She’s a sweet little girl who loves gummy bears, green tea and honey grahm crackers. Spring is her favorite season, of course, and she loves to garden.

She’s constructed from a very light dusty green/gray wool felt and a wonderfully soft vintage-repro cotton. She’s the first “stuffy” I’ve ever made so I need to work out a few details, but I like her! She has on a cute pink dress with a strip of the same soft repro cotton print and the back (which you can’t really see) has this amazingly cute vintage sheep ribbon strip. Her bow also has this ribbon. Her lovely cream bolero is something I crocheted up last minute. I think it suits her.

In other news, I do have a wholesale order that I’m working on. The Paper Sparrow is a new Brick and Motar shop in upstate New York that is opening Mid-March. They will be carrying a huge variety of handmade goods, include local grown food items, which I think is just fantastic. I’ll be sending them a few purses, pouches, wallets and Matryoshka Doll plushes. I’m excited and it’s inspired me to work on a few new designs.

One of those designs include these cute little Birdie Zipper Pouches. I have four different colors listed in my Etsy. The wool felt I’m using is just fantastic. So soft and lucious. I stumbled upon an Adorable little Quilt Shop in Mountain View, WY during my crazy roadtrip adventure, and it’s my favorite fabric shop I’ve ever been to. I’m just sad it’s eight hours away! They had a wonderful stock of cottons and wool felt. I wish I had a link I could share.

I’m also going to be posting an Applique Tutorial tomorrow along with my blog contest, so be sure to check back.

Happy Valentines Day! I wish all of you a very lovely one. :)

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